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Zuma has now requested NPA head, Shaun Abrahams to justify why the president should not dismiss him from his position. This comes after charges against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan were brought forward by the NPA and then subsequently withdrawn, due to increasing pressure within the ANC and the rest of the country throwing public support towards Gordhan.

Yet we all know who pushed for the charges to be brought forward in the first place; the Zuma cabal. Since taking the ministerial position for the 2nd time, Gordhan became an enemy of the Guptas because of his anti-corruption stance. The future of their controversial state capture was under threat, therefore Gordhan had to go.

The witch hunt on Gordhan was a Zuma/Gupta failure. But of course, no surprise, showerhead will most certainly not take the fall for this, after having survived another DA-led motion of no confidence in Parliament last week. Number 1 is safe, as he has always been. And now the list of scapegoats begin to fall…

Last week Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe announced his ‘resignation’, when we all know he was told to quit by the cabal after Madonsela’s State Capture report implicated him.

So that’s one down.

Is Abrahams the next to go?

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