An interesting article in the latest edition of TIME magazine explains how some female voters are still publicly supporting Trump for president. They couldn’t care about his locker room banter or his sexual assault accusers. They believe Clinton’s email scandal is far more troubling than what they perceive as petty political tricks of his accusers. Some women in the south believe Clinton is a baby killer because of her far-left stance on abortion.

However, Trump’s support amongst white women is at 47%, a decrease from Romney’s 56% in 2012. Many of these female voters are coming out to Trump’s defence by attacking Bill Clinton with the sexual assault allegations that have been made against the former president.

So is this election really gender split? 2008 Republican presidential nominee, John McCain has expressed that Trump has gone too far with his misogynistic rhetoric. And McCain isn’t the only male speaking out. Following the leak of Trump’s locker room banter tape, House Speaker, Paul Ryan has suggested to down-ballot candidates to denounce Trump in order to save their campaigns.

So we even have men who are speaking out against Trump. Perhaps this election is still very much about policy, the future each candidate is trying to sell and how each voter sees themselves in their candidate’s vision for America.

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