Some have credited Trump’s victory due to his lack of what has now become the pop culture nightmare of political correctness. But Trump’s omittance of sugarcoated terminology within his rhetoric is not what liberals are primarily furious about.

The left are angry, scared, and disgusted that a man, an outsider, used hatred to divide the American nation, and subsequently, the world. This was a man that said women should be punished for having abortions, generalised Mexicans by labelling them as ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’. A man that wants to dismantle ObamaCare – a system that has awarded millions of Americans which much needed free health care. A man that has denied the validity of climate change. Angry that their soon-to-be Vice President, Mike Pence supported conversion therapy in order to ‘fix’ homosexuality.

For liberals, the pain is not simply due to the fact that Clinton lost. It’s because a man promising to reverse so much progress they have made will be entering the Oval Office in just less than 2 months on January 20th.

Liberals have the right to be angry. Angry because their Democratic nominee received 1.7 million more votes than her opponent. Angry that their country and the electoral system failed to reflect a result of America’s choice.

The war of Washington is around the corner. And Democrats are gearing up for a fight.

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