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In 2008, the then Director of the NPA, Vusi Pikoli was removed from his position by Zuma ally, Former President Kgalema Motlanthe. We all knew back then why this happened – Pikoli was instrumental in bringing all 783 charges forward against Zuma.

While the recall of Mbeki in September 2008 opened the reality of the looming trouble we were about to encounter with a Zuma presidency, the removal of Pikoli gave us a clear preview of how state powers were going to be abused.

The Zuma cabal removed Pikoli because he was a gladiator of democracy. In this Zuma ANC, gladiators were not to exist. Only puppets were allowed.

Yesterday, NPA head, Shaun Abrahams, another Zuma servant, announced that the charges against Gordhan were to be dropped. Was this an order from number 1? or did the Zuma machine finally realise they were simply not going to win this battle?

Perhaps the Zuma machine is very much aware that their powers are crumbling. While independent institutions such as the Public Protector and the Constitutional Court have already stood against the corrupt cabal, factions within the ruling party have now seen the writing on the wall – this ship is sinking fast, abandon now before the Zuma collective destroys everything.

I think a Zuma recall is just around the corner…



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