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JD’s Notebook: Remember Marikana

Five years have passed since that darkly fatal day that retreated South Africa back to the cruel years of the Apartheid regime.

But today was a moment of reflection and remembrance. 

Since the death of those 34 miners, South Africa has received a whitewashed Marikana Commission that easily exonerated the executive of any guilt.  For those miners and their families, justice has still not been delivered.

But while our government leadership has failed those miners, their families and all South Africans, for those of us that remain, there is still one thing we can do.

We must never forget.  

We must continue to remember the violent horrors of August 16th, 2012. Because when we purposely remember, we inflict guilt on those responsible and ensure that no matter what legal justice has been absent, we are able to perpetuate a moral justice. 

For those 34 miners, it is the least we can do.

A South African people that remembers are a South African people that will never forget the truth, no matter how determined the guilty parties try to rinse it away.

Always remember.


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