I said it before, this election is not over. Yeah, Trump has been projected as the President-elect, but that is only a PROJECTION. The electoral college voters still have to go to Washington on December 19th to officially cast their votes – already 3 electoral votes that went in the Trump column have stated that they won’t vote for the GOP nominee.

And now, NBC news is reporting that Clinton’s popular vote lead over Trump has now exceeded over 2 million votes. Here are the latest figures:

Clinton: 64,235,413
Trump: 62,235,228

The difference: 2,000,185

While a new story has dominated the 24-hour news cycle. Computer scientists are urging the Clinton campaign to challenge the voting results in the 3 blue wall states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Rustbelt states that were thought to be securely in the Clinton column but subsequently went to Trump, helping him break past 270.

Scientists believe that vote totals in these 3 states could have been manipulated or hacked. Clinton performed far worse in counties that implemented electronic voting machines in contrast to counties with paper ballots and optical scanners.

Below are 2 images of the Electoral Map. One shows the preliminary results of the election while the other is a forecast if Clinton clinches back Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

If the challenge were to succeed, by awarding Clinton these 3 states, the former Secretary of State could still enter the new year as the next president of the United States.

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