The other problem Hillary has been facing is her likeability. Both she and Trump received low ratings for their characters. Trump for his flame of post-modern fascism and Clinton, because of the e-mail scandal, which was preceded by the Benghazi Embassy attack Senate Hearings – another Clinton character kryptonite.

What would have helped her a lot more is if she had exhibited more of her family, and ESPECIALLY her role as a grandmother. The mommy/daddy problem is referred to in an episode of NBC’s turn-of-the-century political drama, The West Wing. In this abundant installment of the classic series, Josh Lyman, the Deputy Chief of Staff explains that “when voters want a national daddy, someone tough and strong, they vote Republican. When they want a mommy to give them jobs, health care policy equivalent of matzo-ball soup, they vote Democratic.”

This is no allusion to the current election’s gender representation according to party candidate, but Clinton did not even have to be the mommy. She could have utilized the grandmother card. Why? Because everyone loves a grandmother. Regardless of political ideology.

But politics is also dangerous for one’s character. Sometimes you have to allow your family more privacy during the election season, as they can face character assassinations. It’s already been done to Bill Clinton during this cycle.

But the polls are still in Clinton’s favour. And I think the majority of America are preparing themselves to welcome their first female president.

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