This is going to be a tight election. If you thought Hillary was guaranteed to win, think again. Today’s ABC News/Washington Post Poll has Clinton trailing Trump 45% – 46%. And let’s just be clear on something – ABC News has always leaned left when it was possible. Trump is now politically speaking, winning.

But in terms of the electoral college map, Trump still has a lot to do. In order to hit the magic number of 270, he will have to take Arizona, where he leads Clinton by 2% in a CBS news battleground tracker poll. Donald Duck would still need to secure the only swing states the GOP have had a chance to pull right in order to win; Ohio and Florida. Both states lost by Mitt Romney in 2012.

If Trump takes the two, it all comes down to Pennsylvania. While the Keystone state has been securely blue since 1992, Trump has been working hard to snatch back the home ground of the Philadephia Eagles for the GOP. If he doesn’t, the numbers won’t work in his favour.

But there is still a possible path for Trump to win. Since the Comey announcement, Trump has managed to recover from the onslaught of his ‘locker-room banter’ lewd tape and the leaks of his tax returns. This race is tight. And election night next Tuesday will not be forgotten.

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